Our Approach To Recruiting & Staffing

The traditional recruiting and hiring process is based on a faulty selection model. When you run ads and hold job fairs, you create what's referred to in the research world as "selection bias". That is, the process you use biases the outcome of your search for new employees. You get to hire only the people who come along, not those you would like to hire.



As you are probably aware, the majority of our business is due to repeat clients. The process we follow ensures thorough research and allows a full view of the available talent pool. Unlike running ads where your talent pool is limited to individuals actively seeking employment, we search the larger competitive talent pool discovering potential candidates interested in making a change for the right reasons. We want to build a long-term relationship that increase your business value.

Phase I 



We develop with the client: the position title, reporting relationships, compensation, education, work experience and personal characteristics of an ideal candidate. We also become familiar with the client's methods of operation, organizational structure and culture. In addition, we discuss organizations in which potential candidates may be found. We interview all managers involved in the hiring process and reach consensus on clear job specifications.


 Phase II 


We meet with our research staff to initiate effort to identify all individuals in targeted organizations who may have the qualifications required for the position. In addition, we contact individuals who are known to our firm and other industry leaders to determine the exceptional performers who may meet our search requirements.


Phase III 


All prospective candidates are contacted to determine their interest and level of qualification for the position. After analyzing the results of this initial screening, we schedule an in-depth telephone interview with the six top ten candidates who are most qualified.


Phase IV 


All candidates are thoroughly interviewed to gain an understanding of their work responsibilities and accomplishments. They are also evaluated to determine their management as well as their personal strengths and weaknesses. We perform preliminary references checks on these candidates as an additional method of evaluating their likely performance in a position. All candidates are tested and evaluated by skill set and all work experience, education and credentials are verified.


Phase V 


After analyzing all interviewed candidates, we provide confidential resumes on three to four final candidates who are most qualified for the position. We present and review each final candidate's background and, with client approval, arrange for those candidates to meet with the client. The client and the members of the client's management team meet with each final candidate to determine the level of qualification and "fit" with the organization. We typically act as the focal point in the administration of meeting times, any travel arrangements and other details so that all interviews proceed easily for both the client and final candidates.


Phase VI 



Once all final candidates have been interviewed, we assist in the conclusion of the search by facilitating the final decision, compensation and relocation discussions, job offer, and final acceptance. We actively assist the client in determining an appropriate compensation level including salary, stock options, and other benefits required to attract highly qualified candidates.



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