Finding the right recruitment agency can be extremely difficult for a candidate or a company looking to hire, or at best, extremely time consuming. Has the recruitment agency worked in your particular industry before? Have they filled enough positions similar to the one that your company is looking to fill? Do they have high customer satisfaction ratings? Do they operate in your geographic area? Along with these questions, come many more. Taking the time out of your busy schedule to call and email recruitment agencies to find the best match is not an easy task. In fact, the amount of time it could take to that may be as difficult as filling the open position yourself!

Why Us?

We feel that Top executive search firms are not determined by their year ending balance sheets. Instead, those are considered industry leaders who have the highest success ratio in making placements within their industry. What this says about The Bentley Channel Group is that they not only fully understand the exact needs of our clients, we are also equipped to fulfill them. To do so, we not only have a thorough understanding of how the industry works, but we have strong in-roads to the best talents in that industry.
We have developed our exclusive profiling of candidates process that no other agency provides as our submittal of candidates comes with our in depth description with the information that "IS NOT" on the resume.


The team at The Bentley Channel Group is firmly entrenched in the workings of their specified industry. We know the different companies that operate within the industry and the roles of each. We are aware of the various job roles within the industries we recruiti for. Most importantly, we have established methods of finding out the best talents in the market. One of the reasons that we are as successful as we are is that we involve ourselves in the entire recruitment process.


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